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Bridal Shower

This month was busy again. The same weekend I had my Bridal Shower and the fiancé had his Bachelor Party. Sadly the few weeks before was not great. Every possible that that could go wrong, DID. I was suppose to have my Bachelorette Party that weekend too. But with too many changes to plans I decided to postpone.

But things started to settle down when we finally started driving to the party. We even left early…so early that we were able to stop at a Barnes and Noble real quick.

Food spread

That was partially because instead of gifts I wanted people’s favorite love story. Some were actual love stories like Outlander. Others were….different. My mom gave me a funny book about a daughter and her frazzled Mom. Another gave me the Karma Sutra. And my sister in law gave me one about the love of food.


Which all fit me perfectly.

We played lots of games. My favorite is always making a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

Toilet paper dresses

But most of all it was just fun to talk to a bunch of women who are generally happy for us and the just relax and talk about anything and everything.

I didn’t realize how much I needed that. Most of my life right now is work and home. And home is taking care of the dog, chores, and trying to write. It doesn’t help that I am hours away any friends, family, or my usual entertainment.

I’m also the first in the family to have a Bridal Shower. It’s not really an Asian thing. Most of the extended family didn’t come. But I’m perfectly fine with that. They like any excuse to party and I didn’t want that.

What kind of fun are you guys having? Do you have people to work around?

Engagement Party

At the end of July we had or “engagement party”. I put that in parentheses because we didn’t know half the people who showed up. My family loves an excuse to throw a party. We didn’t care, we got to see a bunch of friends and family, and lots of food.

They randomly wanted a pig

They randomly wanted a pig

Some of the other food we had

Some of the other food we had

The thing I’ve learned with my family is to go with the flow. There will always be too many opinions. Sometimes you need to mediate, or pretend to listen and do what you want, or just to tell them all to shut-up. :p This party more people had a say since my aunt and uncle hosted it. But no one gets a say for my wedding, not even my parents.

Me, Fiance, his parents, and a close friend

Me, Fiance, his parents, and a close friend

Me and my mom

Me and my mom

The day before I wrapped over 300 egg rolls and 50 cream cheese wontons. They all randomly decided to have a pig roast. Thinking that it would be easy because my fiance works with them. Not on a regular basis and no one owns any. So that was fun……

I the end everyone had fun. And that’s what matters. I’m just glad I took two days off after it to rest.

Wedding Flowers

I recently visited the florist at Bachman’s to figure out our wedding flowers. I loved it that I got to choose exactly what I wanted. The Fiance didn’t care as long as it wasn’t all pink. I did show him a picture of a giant pink center piece and lied that it was one of my choices.


We decided to go with Bachmans because they were; 1 at the Twin Cities Bridal Show I went to a few months ago, 2 had the best displays and variety, 3 actually took the time to talk to us, and 4 gave us a $100 off coupon.


Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of what we are getting, but the ones on here are what I brought for inspiration.


Of course we went a little over budget. But i gave a little leeway because I had no idea what things cost. Also it seems litle you can never stay in the budget when your ideas for it are not completely concrete. And yes, I know you don’t “need” real flowers or any at all. But I am a traditionalist in this sense and really wanted them.


Writing and Weddings and Fitness. Oh My!

I have a lot going on right now and I feel like more will be coming up before I know it. I have about 9 months to plan a wedding. At the same, time trying to kick up my freelance writing with a few article, short stories, and ultimately a novel. Then trying to get back into shape, which is now more important with the wedding. All at the same time working two at home part-time jobs.

I think I’m missing something and that scares me.


I have ten days to finish my short story for a contest to be published in an anthology. At this rate I’m not going to get it done. I’m averaging 300 words a day. I need to at least get to 5000 to remotely tie a story together.

On top of that I’m trying to get two blogs and a Tumblr site running with some followers. Then I need to work on a grant proposal and hopefully two more short stories.

Some days I can barely put two words together let alone sentences. I’m not sure I can finish it in time.


And now I have 9 months to plan a wedding, on a budget. After talking to my two bridesmaids I realize I know very little that goes into a wedding. So many tiny details and timelines. My head hurts.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m super excited and love to plan. But it doesn’t help all the waiting because I’m hours away from where it’s going to be.

But in March, me and my mom are going to a wedding show to do some serious recon and find out what I can realistically do with $10,000. I honestly have no idea what things really cost, even after searching online. They don’t exactly give many details.

Fitness:                                        images

Once I get this first short story out and get our venue figured out I need to kick up my fitness. Since our vacation I almost stop exercising. That needs to change soon now that I have an important dress to fit into.

So, I’m still deciding whether or not to join the Y in my town. There’s only one other choice and that’s an Anytime fitness. But I know I do better with fitness classes. I need variety and a group support.

I’m going to work up to doing yoga, zumba, and a circuit class all once a week each. Then walk to dog everyday (as long as it isn’t frigid out).  Still debating on whether I want to try running once a week.

For food I will start out with adding one serving of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day. I’m still deciding on how I want to proceed after I get to that point. I know more fish and whole grains. Still need to do more research.


As you can see I have a lot to do. But I’m super excited. Hoping I can get it all done. Wish me luck.