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Bridal Shower

This month was busy again. The same weekend I had my Bridal Shower and the fiancé had his Bachelor Party. Sadly the few weeks before was not great. Every possible that that could go wrong, DID. I was suppose to have my Bachelorette Party that weekend too. But with too many changes to plans I decided to postpone.

But things started to settle down when we finally started driving to the party. We even left early…so early that we were able to stop at a Barnes and Noble real quick.

Food spread

That was partially because instead of gifts I wanted people’s favorite love story. Some were actual love stories like Outlander. Others were….different. My mom gave me a funny book about a daughter and her frazzled Mom. Another gave me the Karma Sutra. And my sister in law gave me one about the love of food.


Which all fit me perfectly.

We played lots of games. My favorite is always making a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

Toilet paper dresses

But most of all it was just fun to talk to a bunch of women who are generally happy for us and the wedding.to just relax and talk about anything and everything.

I didn’t realize how much I needed that. Most of my life right now is work and home. And home is taking care of the dog, chores, and trying to write. It doesn’t help that I am hours away any friends, family, or my usual entertainment.

I’m also the first in the family to have a Bridal Shower. It’s not really an Asian thing. Most of the extended family didn’t come. But I’m perfectly fine with that. They like any excuse to party and I didn’t want that.

What kind of fun are you guys having? Do you have people to work around?