About Me

Ultimately I am a dreamer.


I am working on writing and getting published. I am working on one book and one short story right now. The two areas I work in are fantasy and erotica. I am also trying to start my own freelance business as a proofreader and editor. Right now I get my projects through Guru.com and have gotten a few under my belt.

I dream of writing, photography, animals, activism, the environment, eating,… I’m all over the place. And thats where I’ll probably go in here. I can’t count the things that interest me, but I’m up for trying pretty much anything.

Some days I have such deep thoughts I’m not sure where they come from. Others I’m not sure if I can put two words together. But I’m constantly growing and hope to never stop.

I know I’m weird, but I’m great with that. Most of the people around me enjoy it quite a lot. So sit back and have fun.

I’m also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter all under anungv. Check out some visuals and random short thoughts.

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