Wedding Flowers

I recently visited the florist at Bachman’s to figure out our wedding flowers. I loved it that I got to choose exactly what I wanted. The Fiance didn’t care as long as it wasn’t all pink. I did show him a picture of a giant pink center piece and lied that it was one of my choices.


We decided to go with Bachmans because they were; 1 at the Twin Cities Bridal Show I went to a few months ago, 2 had the best displays and variety, 3 actually took the time to talk to us, and 4 gave us a $100 off coupon.


Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of what we are getting, but the ones on here are what I brought for inspiration.


Of course we went a little over budget. But i gave a little leeway because I had no idea what things cost. Also it seems litle you can never stay in the budget when your ideas for it are not completely concrete. And yes, I know you don’t “need” real flowers or any at all. But I am a traditionalist in this sense and really wanted them.


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