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Minnesota State Fair

Sorry, this comes a bit late. With a mixture of being sick and a memory stick corrupting things got pushed back.

For 12 days at the end of summer is what we like to call the Great Minnesota Get Together. The state fair is on the fair grounds on the University of Minnesota Saint Paul campus. This year we broke the record for attendance.

Small bucket of Fries CORN

I always have to save for going cause I eat a lot. A LOT. Each year there is always new food. I can’t keep up. But no matter what I always have a bucket of fries and corn on the cob. We also grab a bucket of cookies on the way out.

Sadly enough I eat cookies for every meal for a few days. And no amount of walking there will help that.


But there is a lot of walking. Just meandering around to food booths to shops to more food. Even a haunted house. If they had dogs in the animal barns then I would be in heaven.

haunted house