Help for Staying Healthy

I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that being healthy and losing weight can be hard. We all can use some help. Sometimes people need personal help with a trainer or nutritionist. Others just support on Instagram. The point is to find what works for you.

I know I need to take classes. (Sadly could never do crossfit) A little peer pressure to push myself, but less chance of being guilt-ed. I know the basics of form and food, just need a little motivation.

The two things I use regularly are the Nike+ Fuel band and Lose It! on my phone.

My tracker

My tracker

I love my fuel band because it it tracks steps, calories, and fuel points. And you can set a goal for each day that it can remind you to get up. The technology has gotten better from the first one I got. It works best for cardio like walking, running, and dancing. It doesn’t do as great with biking and swimming. But I like that because I’d rather have it undercount a little so I feel like I need to do more.


I like Lose It! most because it can sync to y Nike+ fuel band. I always had problems figuring out what exactly i did and how hard I worked. That’s one less thing to have to figure out.

Can be used on phone and computer

Can be used on phone and computer

I found this app easiest to work with. It gives better portions, what the calories of a whole meal at a restaurant is, and a scanner. The scanner is great because you can scan a product’s bar code and all the information pops up.

What are other strategies and products do you guys use? I love to hear other ideas.

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