Making Changes

I finally took the plunge and got my own domain name. Hope you like it. I am still trying to figure out what colors to use and the theme design. Let me know what you think. Any ideas?

I finally learned how to make my own header. I got the instructions from here. I got the picture from here. Recovered Autosaveby Jason Carpenter

I guess I want to explain a little about the name I chose. Strange story. My name was originally spelled a-n-o-n-g. Which in Laotian means gifted in the heart. But my mom, not being asian, refused to not be able to pronounce her own child’s name changed the o to a u. It wasn’t until I was about 13 that I finally Googled my name and found out it was an Ojibwe word meaning star.

The dream and create part is because I am a dreamer, but have never been great at creating those dreams. So it is reminder to myself to be constantly working towards the things I want. I also hope to help others to dream big and manifest those great things.

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