Freelance Work: Proofreading and Writing

At the end of last year I decided to take the plunge into freelance working. I wanted to explore a different way of working. And the extra money was helpful for paying bills.

So I started out with writing. Its what I want to do and there’s so much out there……Yeah, that’s the problem. There is so much out there. It is hard wading through all the scams, then you have to figure out what you “qualify” for.

Don’t get me wrong. I did put out there a few articles and a short story. But it all helped me narrow down what I really want to do. And what I am actually good at.

First ties into one of my passions, reading. And I mean passion. I almost opened a bookstore because there isn’t one for miles. (one and a half to two hour drive) So I started looking for work ad a proofreader and editor.

The two sites I use are Guru   and Elance . I personally have had more luck at Guru. But both have hundreds of job postings for writing, blogging, web design, virtual assistants, illustration, and a bunch more. Go check them out.

The other part I learned is that I do not do well with articles. I just don’t have the right writing for it. But I do do good as a blogger and short story writer. Granted I don’t make money on my blogging (someday I hope I will). But writing short stories is easy for me.

Sadly nothing published yet, but I am working on three avenues:

1. Writing contests. I subscribe to a few newsletters that give heads up on upcoming contests, many of them free to enter. I get a lot from Writer’s Digest and Poets and Writers. They both even publish a special magazine issue just on writing contests and short stories.

This as actually this May/June issue

This as actually this May/June issue

2. Magazines. Now I may not be good at articles but there are a few magazines that still publish short stories. This article here has some great advice on how and where.

3. Self-Publish. Yes I am going this route, at least for my short stories. I like the idea that I can reach more people and get stories out there quicker. Also you can put each story out individually, then compile a bunch into one book. I am almost done with my first story so I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am still slowly working on my book, which I want to go the traditional route with. But things are slow going with so many balls in the air.

I hope this way helpful. If you have any questions please ask.


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