Giving Thanks and Feeling Humbled

Wow, today is the first day I actually looked at the number of subscribers I have. 68. Woot woot, hands in the air.

Now I know for some this is not big. But to me its huge. I am so grateful that people have found what I wrote and posted to be fun and/or helpful. I am trying. Its a small step to what I want to build. I am thankful this small beginning has been working.

So thank you all who have read any of my posts. I hope it has in some way made you smile, think, or just brighten your day.

This guy always brightens my day

This guy always brightens my day

The humbling part is that I still have a lot to learn. Now that I know I have an audience I am reminded that I have a standard to uphold. (Though I’m still figuring what the lines are) I need to stay consistent and engaging.

Though I wish I could get some comments, but that’s on me. I need to learn to create better posts.

Also, hopefully in a month or two I will be moving to my very own website. Something with my own name and full reins. I hope I can keep everyone here and that you will all twitch over with me.

Here’s to continuing .

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