Twin Cities Bridal Show


This last Sunday was the Twin Cities Bridal Show. I recommend everyone who is planning a wedding to go to a show. Even if you don’t use any of the vendors you get a good idea on prices. Also, there are A LOT of prizes.


Luckily for me I found everything I needed there. And with the show comes show discounts. For example; I got $250 off my photographer, and $100 and a free toss bouquet from my florist.

The show even had a fashion show and free hair and makeup. I didn’t do the fashion show, that was an extra $15 and wasted time getting to vendors I got a really good idea on what I want my hair to look like.


We found a bridal boutique we liked and was able to make an appointment to go dress shopping right there. And got $100 off the dress. Overall it was a great $5. Super excited to go through all the stuff I got and keep planning.

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