Allowing Breaks


I finally gave myself a break. Since the first day I didn’t have a job I’ve been writing, thinking about writing, formulating what to write next, and everything in between. Even on days I was out having fun with others.

But today, I allowed myself a small break. I slept in.

For most people that wouldn’t be hard, especially if they didn’t have to be up at a particular time. But I am a morning person, I like to get up early. I am ready to lay down by 9pm. Even if the day wasn’t hard or I slept in (even on weekends). That’s just how I am.

So everyday, I get up sometime around 7am. Sometimes it’s an hour early, sometimes an hour later. Just depends whats going on. The earlier I get up the more productive I am.

But today I just didn’t want to get up. I was just tired. Tired of walking the dog in this frigid weather. Tired of always exercising with no results. Tired of my endless list. Tired of agonizing on what to write next, finding anything that will pay. Tired of worrying about paying my bills or finding another dead-end job.

So I just stayed in be. My fiance had no problem letting the dog out and feeding him. I laid in bed and thought of nothing, just let my mind drift. And it was great. Not as refreshing as getting out of the house for some time will.

Hopefully I will get some time outside tomorrow. We’re suppose to be in the mid-30s. I know the dog is loosing his mind in this cold. fingers crossed, we both have cabin fever.

So allow yourself a break sometime, Even for an hour.


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