Book Review: Complete Guide to Article Writing


Overall the book was good, Lots of information and examples. But I was a little disappointed that it written for complete beginners even though it was advertised for more intermediate writers. So I did not get out of what I hoped I would.

The book was very thought out and detail orientated. So if you love some personal stories then you will be disappointed, this book is all about the facts for online and print. The information is quite good, so I will be keeping this as a reference.

The first part of the book was all about the specifics of writing. What I mean is grammar, punctuation and things like that. Most of what you would of learned in your main years at school. Now if you are not a good writer or sometimes need a refresher this part is great. If not, I suggest skimming it or skipping completely. Because it is long and my eyes started to glaze over.

The next sections are the dirty details on writing itself. Not this part has some really good and bad examples on writing different articles. Also, on how to keep you voice and narrative going with facts put in throughout. Then it gives the formats for different articles you can write; blog, fact base article, fiction, book reviews.

The last sections are how to break into the business and grow; using social media, pitching ideas, relationships with editors. I did like the section of building your platform. It gives details on what a platform is and the different areas that you can build on it.

So if you are trying to break into freelance writing this book is a valuable thing to have. It will help you in the many areas needed in writing other than the actual writing.

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