Early Birthday Fun

This last weekend I decided to have some fun and do what I wanted. It’s for my birthday and I rarely do anything for it.


So I had my mom for a whole afternoon and evening Saturday night. And we went SHOPPING. Usually I’m an in-and-out kind of person. But since its been months since I’ve been in a store I wanted to meander all around and looked at any store I wanted. And did we. FIVE WHOLE HOURS.index1

On top of that I got almost everything I wanted, plus all that I did was on huge sale. Most of these were for our upcoming vacation. A gorgeous dress, party skirt, sunglasses, books, workout clothes, just to name a few.

We even went to Target after that where I got the rest of my stuff. This was all paid for by birthday money and I didn’t even spend all of it. The rest is for bills.

For my actual birthday, there won’t be too much fun or relaxation. I have a couple of articles to write and an application to finish up. For that I need to write a few book reviews and put them up online. One will be here and the other with an actual publishing company that I review for free.

Fingers crossed that this will go somewhere. I really want the work.


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