Set-backs and Frustrations

Sadly, no job yet. Part of the problem is being in a small town with very little in variety for work. The other is that I don’t want to keep going back to working at restaurants, or cafes, or chain stores.

I haven’t really gotten much with my writing. Got three articles on a blog and did get paid for two of them. (Here is a like to them if you’re interested Its slow work on my book, but that isn’t a paying thing. And with most other writing opportunities you need a lot of experience to even apply.index

So I might have to lower my standards again just to get paid. Paying bills is more important than pride right now.

There is one post I got that pays $8 per post, but I do not get credit for it. It is a little tempting, but I don’t see how that will help build up my resume. It doesn’t give me examples to show for.

Well, I have four weeks to figure something out or I’ll have to suck it up.

I’m trying to not feel completely dejected and remember that I am actually trying for a dream. And that getting a job I don’t want is not the end of things. I will continue writing either way.index1

Anyone have any helpful ideas?

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