End to the Holidays

I always love going up to see family and friends, but I love getting back home to peace and quiet in my library. Saturday was the Vilay clan dinner. Sadly I couldn’t find a gift for Bad Santa. But I was great to see everyone and eat till I passed out.Image

The rest of the time was less hectic. Saw a friend on Monday, Xmas Eve with my immediate family, then down to the fiance’s family after. This year was really good for gifts. No one got anything they did not want and people actually stayed mostly within the lists. For a nice end of the years I wrote some letters of gratitude. Some were for people in my life and others for people that I lost the friendship and needed that last part to finally completely let it go.

Now that I had five days off its back to writing. And I got my first article up in a blog. (http://www.degreediary.com/view-post/In-Defense-of-the-College-of-Liberal-Arts) It doesn’t pay but I don’t care right now. Just need the exposure now. But soon I really need to start thinking about making some money. Three weeks is not enough time to start really making money writing. And sadly that means finding a job I don’t really like. But bills need to be paid and we have a wedding to go to in February. But I’m glad I tried and its a big step closer.
In a couple of weeks I will be getting a book that with hopefully be a huge help. The Complete Guide To Article Writing.Image Maybe I’ll do a book review on it to let you know how helpful it is.
Hope everyone had a good holiday and didn’t gain too much weight.

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