Progress, I Think

This is my 6th day of accidental joblessness and I think I’ve made some progress. I have written a couple of articles (unpublished), applied to 3 writing jobs, and made a small dent on my book. I have written everyday in one capacity or another, and on the days I didn’t write much I did a lot of research.

I have enough money to pay all my bills and buy groceries until the end of next month. So after 3 weeks if I have no progress at all, I will look for other work. But that doesn’t mean I will stop doing this, just have it interrupted by actual work.

So right now I will continue applying for jobs and sending in articles for possible publication. Right now I’m more looking are low-pay to just exposure. I already have an offer to publish on a blog, but it doesn’t pay unless you get voted to the front page. Its a step and I’ll take any right now.

Anyone else take a plunge right now?

Doesn’t have to be the same thing; dating, school, or a new hobby. I want to hear. We all need a little encouragement, even from strangers.


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