Early Start to Resolutions

Since I seem to have some unexpected free time (new job fall through after I quit the old one), I thought I would start my contemplation of the New Year early. Much better then the mad rush the day of and jumping in with blotch plan.

Though I never actually do resolution; that implies there is an end. I think of it more as medium steps add to my life. Of course breaking those down into smaller steps.

Lat year’s goals were a bit smaller since I knew it was going to be hectic.I got a basic handling on my finances. I didn’t do quit as well with my fitness and writing. But enough was done that I don’t feel like I wasted the year.

In the end I learned a lot about myself and got a few surprises.1382783_10103786592390430_2132359567_n

First goal: Writing a novel and become a freelance writer. Loosing a job opportunity sucks because of the lost of income. And since its so close to the holidays the only places that are hiring right now are the places I’m trying to get out of. Luckily I got a little save up and a very supportive partner so that i can take a little time to look into that.

Steps: Write Every Day, Read the genre I want to write in, Look for jobs online, Practice, Practice, Practice

Second goal: Get back into shape. Specifically loose some weight, but mostly tone up. I know myself well enough with this that I need to do things in short bursts. I get bored really easily. I have a decent routine going so far; walking the dog, drinking lots of water. Just need to step it up now. Also, now I have a external and selfish reason. We are going to a destination wedding in February which means lots of pictures in small dresses and swimsuits.

Steps: Have a smoothie everyday, Drink hot water with a lemon in the morning, walk the dog everyday, circuit train 10 minutes 4x week, pick two for every day: 10minutes hula hoop, 5 minutes jumping jacks, 10 minutes dancing, 15 minutes extra cleaning

I still need to flush out specific steps and a timeline, but I think that is a good start. Hope you all have a great holiday and New Year


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