Countdown to Wedding Part 1, Money

A week to go to the wedding. And this is the one I have to do the most work.

Everything is planned out. Clothes, backup shoes, where and when we need to be, hair, and the dog. Me and the BF are going to work hard for tips at the bar. That money is going to help with food and entertainment for Wedding Part 2. Which is getting more and more expensive for us.

It really sucks how much its costing me to even go to my own Brother’s weddings. I’m not even in the wedding party. I shouldn’t have to help to pay for it. That usually means you should wait and save.

Hell, my Mom is paying for most of the one up here, and the Bride’s side is helping in San Diego. Then they act like they can’t be bothered with the details.

After getting all this help because they “can’t” afford it, they put an offer on a house two weeks before the wedding. Um, I’m pretty sure down payments aren’t cheap.

Is that fair to keep asking people to help with your wedding just so you can get a house?

(This pic is not them, but a good representation. The couple is really cute though)

I seriously love all the stone at the branford House. So pretty and timeless!

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