Multi (cultural) Weddings

So I am at the halfway point to getting ready for my brother’s weddings. Yes that is plural.

They are doing a Laotian wedding here in Minnesota for my side of the family and the American wedding in San Diego for her side. Which is nice of them to do since her mom can’t fly and it would be too much for our huge clan to all fly out there.

The bad part is all the money my brother, my parents and I have to spend because we have to go to both weddings. That’s plane tickets, driving, hotel, and for the women 2 dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having an excuse to shop for two gorgeous dresses, but I also helped pay for the decorations too. It’s getting spendy.

So in a little over two weeks will be the wedding up here. And here’s the thing about (southeast) Asian weddings, you don’t get to just enjoy and have fun. If you’re part of the family you have a job. They will find any way to cut costs.

All the other weddings I became the photographer. My mom is usually the organizer. My grandmother most of the time turns into the greeter. This time, not only do I have to the usual family obligations I will be doing photography and tending the bar.

Upside to that is I get tips for serving and people pay me to take and send good pictures to them. And that money will go towards the second wedding three weeks later.

I’ll post pictures later when we’re all dolled up. And I know I rarely get a chance to do that. But here’s a look at one of the dresses.


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