Be kind to yourself


I am about half way through my weight loss and I’m a bit stuck. Stuck from being in a new place and from doing the same stuff. So after a bad day and fluctuating weight I’m going to try this a little differently.

I’m going to work on a better body image and have a healthy one for me. I’ve never actually done a diet or followed along with what celebrities do, but I know now that just the images of them have leaked into my subconscious.

So I will accept what I have now and work to be healthier. I will always have hips and an ass, which I actually like. I have boobs, and they don’t get in the way. So another plus. The main place I hold extra weight in my middle. That is genetic, but it is not fate.

There is one quote I really like that I found on Pinterest; “I am not fat, I have fat. There is a difference.”

Fat is something I have on me; which is something that can come off. It is not a feeling, but something that can contribute to a mood.

So I say fuck it. I’m going to buy a hot dress for my brother’s wedding next month even if I don’t lose any weight. Because I am beautiful and so are you. I don’t know who “you” are, but I don’t care. You are beautiful inside and out, and you have something inside you that bright and unique. Just like me.

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